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Trusted Canna Nurse CBG+CBD Whole Plant Full Spectrum Oil | Ease 


CBG Whole Plant Full Spectrum Oil with targeted terpenes to help with:


  • Brain Fog
  • Protection of neurons
  • Swelling of neurons
  • Physical symptoms of stress and nervousness
  • Gut Health
  • Speech Development
  • Nerve pain


Each 1ml contains:

  • 18mg CBD
  • 16mg CBG
  • 0.9mg CBC
  • 0.7mg THC


With Terpenes

  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene


See 3rd party lab results here.


  • Description


What are the effects?


Many people find this formulation to be uplifting and a great daytime formulation, while others find it can help with sleep. Our suggestion is to see how it makes you feel and take it at a time of day that works best for you.


How do I dose?


We always recommend starting with about half a dropper to make sure you tolerate it well and go up or down from there. Most people do well with a full dropper. Remember consistent dosing is how you get the best results!


Only 10% of CBD products meet these standards


This product meets FLOW criteria, meaning it’s Flower-derived, Lab tested, Organic, and Whole plant. Only 10% of CBD products meet these criteria.


What’s with the green elephant?


Cannabisque is a science-based cannabis labeling system that analyzes the product compounds from the certificate of analysis (COA) for potential medicinal value, as well as mental health and well-being. Check out to find out what it means!




Ease | CBG+CBD Whole Plant Full Spectrum Oil

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