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Got Pain? We Got You!


This bundle is perfect if you’re new to CBD or haven’t found the right CBD yet. Not all CBD is the same, and we want you to feel the difference with whole plant formulations.


Each Jr. Pain Pack Incudes:


5ml Relief

Each 1ml (3-4 mini droppers) contains:

  • 57mg CBD
  • 1.6mg THC
  • 1.7mg CBC
  • 1mg CBG

With pain-targeted terpenes:

  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Humulene

See lab results here.


0.25oz Alleviate

  • 75mg CBD
  • 62mg CBG
  • 2.6mg THC
  • 5mg CBC

With Terpenes:

  • Beta-Caryophyllene (helps with pain and swelling)
  • Menthol (cooling sensation)
  • Eucalyptol (cooling sensation)

See lab results here.


0.25oz Relief

  • 75mg CBD
  • 730mg CBDV
  • 27mg THCV
  • 7mg CBG
  • THC-Free

See lab results here.

Pain Pack Trial Size

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