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One of the functions of the normal pancreas is to maintain blood sugar levels. The HomeGrown Herbalist Pancreas – Blood Sugar Formula supports normal blood sugar levels.


Available in tinctures, capsules and powder form.


Ingredients: Bilberry, Cedar Berry, Bitter Melon, Fenugreek, Panax Ginseng


None of these items or statements are approved by FDA. Consult your physician before taking any supplement. Do not take herbs or tinctures during pregnancy without consulting your healthcare provider. This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. All information here is for entertainment and educational purposes only.


How to Take Herbs - Product Forms and Suggested Servings


Product Forms

Most HomeGrown Herbalist products are sold in three forms powders, tinctures, and capsules. People often ask which form is best. The truth is, it matters very little how we get herbs into our body but there are some advantages to each form.

Powders: Powders are the least expensive form. Powders can be made into teas or tinctures or you can just put the powder into a little juice or water and drink it.

Tinctures: Tinctures are alcohol extracts of herbs. They act a little more quickly in the body and are very portable. Tinctures can be taken alone or mixed with a little juice or water.

Capsules: Capsules are my least favorite form personally. I believe that many herbs are more effective if capsules aren't used.


Click here to read a blog article on Capsules
Any of the above forms can be mixed with your morning smoothie or with yogurt, apple sauce, etc... Tinctures mix really well with these products: Barleans Seriously Delicious Omega-3 Fish Oil. This is a great way to get tinctures into children and adults who are sensitive to yucky herb flavors.


Recommended Servings for Humans

For chronic or maintenance issues, twice daily is usually sufficient. For acute situations, dosing can be done more frequently.


Herbs and Adults

Powders for Adults: 1-2 rounded teaspoons 2-3 times daily.
Tinctures for Adults: 1/4 to 1 teaspoon 2-3 times daily.
Capsules for Adults: 4 capsules 2-3 times daily.


Herbs and Children

I don't recommend herb use in children under two years of age without consulting a qualified practitioner. When I do use herbs for children. I dose them based on weight compared to an adult...1/2 an adult...1/3 of an adult etc...


Herbs and Pets

All of our formulas were created so that they could be used in either humans or in dogs and cats. Most dogs will eat herbs willingly if the powdered form is mixed with a little wet food. Tinctures can also be used. Most cats are very resistant to taking herbs willingly. For chronic or maintenance issues, twice daily is usually sufficient. For acute situations, dosing can be done more frequently.


Powders for Pets

Under 10 Pounds: 1/8 teaspoon twice daily
10-20 Pounds: 1/4 teaspoon twice daily
20-40 Pounds: 1/2 teaspoon twice daily
40-60 Pounds: 3/4 teaspoon twice daily
Over 60 Pounds: 1 rounded teaspoon twice daily


Tinctures for Pets:

Under 10 Pounds: 3 drops twice daily
10-20 Pounds: 5 drops twice daily
20-40 Pounds: 10 drops twice daily
40-60 Pounds: 20 drops twice daily
Over 60 Pounds: 30 drops twice daily


Capsules for Pets:

Under 10 Pounds:1/4 capsule twice daily
10-20 Pounds: 1/2-4 capsule twice daily
20-40 Pounds: 1 capsule twice daily
40-60 Pounds: 2 capsule2 twice daily
Over 60 Pounds: 3 capsules twice daily

Pancreas – Blood Sugar Tincture

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