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Tropicana Delta 8 Moonrocks – Habitas


Flavor - Tropicana

Cannabinoid - CBD, CBG, Delta 8

Strain - Hybrid

Effect - Relaxing

Occasion - Netflix & Inheal


Inheal Habitas Delta 8 Moon Rocks are a few steps ahead of anything else out there in their potency: the amount of concentrate is roughly equal to the amount of Bud, and it is nearly five times as strong. They even look like real stones! The combination of D8 and CBG creates an amazing entourage effect. Best suggestions for consumption? Pre-rolls, bongs or pipes: because you control your hemp experience.



We Guarantee

Lab-Tested for Purity

100% Natural Ingredients

Derived from Full-Spectrum Hemp

No Heavy Metals

No Bleaches

Sourced on the West Coast

Tropicana Delta 8 Moonrocks – Habitas

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