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Separation Anxiety and Loud Noises

Thinking about CBD for your pets?

Are you startled easily by a loud noise? Does your heart race often? Perhaps you feel paralyzed by panic and fear at times. These are all symptoms of anxiety, and your pets get stressed too, especially at holidays like the 4th of July.

Those who suffer know just how crippling anxiety can be. The same symptoms can affect our furry friends in similar ways. You might notice that your pet crawls under the bed, pant more than usual, howls, or may exhibit other behaviors when anxiety and fear strike.

As with humans, anxiety in pets can be equally debilitating.

Independence Day is a huge holiday which, for most people, means parties and festivities. Unfortunately for pets, the fireworks, bangs, and celebrations of the holiday can increase stress and anxiety.

Even beyond the Fourth of July, unexpected storms and loud noises can be scary for pets.

We understand the science behind the Endocannabinoid System and how it plays a significant role in anxiety. The Endocannabinoid System is the most extensive auto-regulatory system in your body. Current research [1] confirms that nearly every animal has an endocannabinoid system which consists of endocannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors, and enzymes. This system provides a homeostatic balance to the nervous and immune systems.. You can try Ritualx Coats & Tails hemp extract, formerly Ritualx formula 3, to see if it helps your pet's anxiety this 4th of July. Try our Ritualx Coats & Tails 150mg pet chews. Pet chews are an easy and convenient way to offer your pet accurate milligram dosage. Pet chews are a great alternative to oil based consumption.

CBD and Anxiety - What We Know So Far

Anxiety can be paralyzing, and it affects humans and animals alike. Rescued pets might struggle even more with anxiety as their life‘s journey may not have been an entirely pleasant one. Things like traveling, moving to a new home, adjusting to new people, or going to the vet can all trigger anxiety. As a result, some pet owners have tried CBDs for their pets.

Did you know many animals have more ESC receptors than we do?

Many pets have a fear of loud noises such as fireworks, storms, or the vacuum cleaner. You might notice that your pet shows some physical reactions such as hiding, shaking, panting, whining, or aggressive behavior when presented with loud noises like fireworks.

We recommend taking preventative measures to help your pets stay calm. When it comes to CBD for pets, it's important to note that most pets have more receptors per mass than people do. Just like people, your pets also have a unique metabolism and will respond to CBD differently than you might.

If you're like us, we know your furry friend is much more than a pet. You want the best for your pet, and you're interested in learning more about CBD for pets. Our physician-led team of formulations is here to help with scientifically formulated CBD tinctures and topicals for yourself and your pet!

Other Key Considerations When Considering CBD for Your Pet

Fireworks aren’t the only time you might want to give your pet some CBD. Consider the age of your pet, how well they do with supplements, and when first using it, realize that some pets are finicky about taste, just like people. Some will lick the oil right off a spoon, some will need to be coaxed with a treat to give CBD a try. There are regulations from various organizations about what you can, or cannot, give them, including the use of CBD. Hemp Wellness Store specializes in providing the Safest, Highest Quality, Medical Grade, and Medical Quality Hemp-Derived Cannabis Products. In addition, we provide Education to our community, provide all consumers access to safe and affordable products, and financial assistance to those in need. No medical card is needed to purchase. Visit our Pet Collection for a variety of safe alternatives for your pets

Why CBD for Pets?

  • Eases stress

  • May provide a soothing and calming effect

  • Helps animals relax

Click here to shop our Pet Collection. When you order, we’ll include our dosing guide that will make a difference in your Pet’s life. Visit for a variety of safe CBD for all of your pets needs.




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