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ImmunoCode™ Natural Immunity Support




90 Capsules 


Product Details:

  • Global Formulation for Immune System Support
  • Take Daily to Support a Strong Immune Response
  • Contains Transfer Factor, Oligosaccharides, and Beta Glucans
  • Rich in Antioxidants, Zinc, and Vitamins C, D, and B12


Benefits May Include:

  • Strengthen Immune Response
  • Boost and Balance Immune System
  • Support Gut Microbiome Health
  • Help Body Protect Against Illness


Supercharge your immune response! ImmunoCode™ is formulated to create a stronger foundation in immune health. Each serving provides a potent dose of highly bioavailable, natural, active ingredients that work synergistically to strengthen the immune system.


ImmunoCode™ naturally educates your immune system so it will be equipped to effectively recognize and respond to a myriad of health threats, such as invading infections and viruses. The advanced Transfer Factor Blend is designed to pass on advantageous immune system “knowledge” to your body in much the way as a mother imparts natural immunity to her baby through her colostrum (first milk).


The revolutionary Oligosaccharides in ImmunoCode™ function to improve your gut health. Only in recent decades have scientists discovered the critical link between the gut microbiome and the immune system. The beneficial bacteria in our gut help keep us healthy and balance our immune response against disease-carrying pathogens.


To further shield and fortify your immune health, ImmunoCode™ also provides powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support with a metabolic boost. In addition, the proprietary super-mushroom mix and powerful Beta Glucans prime your natural defenses to help keep your immune system awake and alert. Each ingredient was selected for its unique beneficial profile and functions to help the body feel strong and heal quickly.


SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 capsule daily per 50 pounds of body
weight. For an extra immune boost, take 1 capsule per 25
pounds of body weight.

CAUTION: Consult your physician before taking this or any health
supplement, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, have a
medical condition, or are taking prescription drugs.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place


Other Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Vegetable Cellulose capsule, Palm Oil Extract, Non-GMO Corn & Bamboo Fibers (natural flow agent).


Contains milk (bovine colostrum extract).


All Natural and Lacto Vegan Friendly Manufactured in a cGMP certified and FDA registered and inspected facility. Third party tested.


ImmunoCodeTM is a registered trademark of B-Epic Worldwide, LLC. These statements have not been evaluated by the USFDA nor SAHPRA.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results will vary.


Best if taken as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. As with many health supplements, consistent use is key to maximizing the benefits.


ImmunoCode™ Natural Immunity Support