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About Gilbert Brown

Brown played for the Green Bay Packers from 1993-1999 and 2001-2003. He played nose tackle for 125 games, 15 of which were playoffs, and he won the Super Bowl in 1997. Read more about his career here.

Brown suffered numerous injuries while on the field, including torn torn ligaments, tendons, and more than a few blows to the head. Decades later, he was still suffering from the repercussions of those injuries, including chronic pain, joint swelling, and brain fog.

Having never done “that stuff” about cannabis or CBD, he was skeptical. After being on a podcast with Megan and hearing some of the science behind CBD, he agreed to try a custom blend.

After a few weeks of consistent dosing, Gilbert noticed that the swelling was starting to go down in his legs and his joints. He was able to put socks and shoes on when that was previously an issue. He woke up with less pain!

He also noticed his thoughts were clearer, his memory had improved, and he had less brain fog.

Gilbert was blown away by how he felt and wanted to put his name behind a product to help more people.

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