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HHC IS BETTER 500mg combines the cutting-edge technology we’re known for with the portability of a softgel. The .5 gram softgel capsule can be dabbed just like wax or resin or added to a joint or bowl to increase impact.








What is a dab?



Concentrates, or “dabs,” are terpene-rich doses of cannabinoids, made by concentrating the essential compounds from plant material into a potent end product that can be vaporized, smoked, or used in edibles.

Dabs are typically consumed via a dab rig that requires an extensive cleaning ritual. These softgel dabs reduce the need for excess gear and cleaning supplies by creating a cleaner burn that leaves little to no residue. The contents of these new softgels can simply be squeezed out of the capsule onto your favorite vaporizer, bowl, or joint.


What is HHC?


HHC has been reported by users to be the closest hemp-derived product to delta-9 THC in terms of physical effects, feeling, and duration of effect.

HHC however has been reported to be less potent than delta-9 or delta-8 products so to achieve the effects similar to these products a higher mg may be needed depending on the user.

HHC is Better Dabs (500MG )

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