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Palo Azul - Loose Tea - Organic - 5 oz (75 cups)


Palo Azul means "blue stick", and it gets its name because the plant's bark is used to brew this extraordinary blue fluorescent tea. Palo Azul's fluorescence is caused by polyphenols which have many beneficial properties, so this tea has been used as a traditional remedy for over 500 years! Palo Azul has around 8 times more polyphenols & antioxidant capacity than green tea, it has 0 caffeine, 0 sugar, and 0 calories. You can enjoy Mother Nature's most magical tea at any time of the day.


Ingredients: 100% Organic palo azul


Tasting Notes: Earthy, silky smooth with bright & radiant undertones.


Finely cut: We cut our palo azul finely because this is the best way to extract the nutrients due to the increased surface area. This means you can make a richer, healthier, and more flavorful tea. It will require a filter/cheesecloth/infuser, but we believe this is the best way to squeeze out all the magic and fully honor this plant. Once you go fine, you never go back! 😉


Palo Azul - Loose Tea - Organic - 5 oz (75 cups)

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