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Savage Sensual Soak



Savage Sensual Soak™ – Embrace A World of Sensuality:

Step into a realm of heightened sensations with Sensual Soak™. Inspired by the sensuos allure of Greek baths, our infusion of cannabis brings forth an experience designed to ignite arousal. Immerse yourself in a symphony of aphrodisiac aromas that transport you and your partner to a secluded haven. As the clock’s rhythm slows, you’ll transcend into a realm of intimacy, exclusively your own.


Elevate your bath ritual with Sensual Soak™ and unlock a world of shared intimacy and desire


How to Maximize Your Sensual Bath Soak

1. Prepare the Bath: Empty the entire contents of one packet into a warm bath, ensuring all elements dissolve evenly in the water.

2. Indulge Together: Undress each other and submerge yourselves in the soothing embrace of the bath. Allow the sensual blend to envelop you both.

3. Savor the Moment: Immerse yourselves for as long as you like, basking in the sensations and connections that unfold.



Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Bamboo Oil, Lemon Verbena, Citric Acid, CBD derived from Hemp

Savage Sensual Soak

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