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Space Candy Delta 8 Pre-Rolls – Habitas Blunts


2.5 grams - 2g CBD Hemp Flower, 350mg D8 oil, 150mg CBG Kief


Flavor - Space Candy

Cannabinoid - Delta 8, CBD, CBG

Strain - Hybrid

Effect - Uplifting

Occasion - Netflix & Inheal


About Habitas Blunts


Experience the next level of relaxation with our premium Delta 8 Pre-Rolls. Inheal Blunts find their inspiration in indigenous South American traditions and cultural mores. CBD accounts for calmness, while Delta 8 creates a body high. Everything from the color to the feel of the blunt in hand reflects an ancient tradition built on community and intended to be consumed with your friends. The blunt’s bamboo filter is environmentally friendly and looks like a high-end cigar. Made from premium, lab-tested hemp flowers, these premium pre-roll blunts offer a smooth and satisfying smoke with a potent dose of D8. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or for enhancing a night in with friends. Order now and discover the difference for yourself.



Hemp Flower, Delta 8 Concentrate, CBG Kief.

Space Candy Delta 8 – Habitas Blunts